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Replacement Parts

PBOX 150
PBOX 150 B
Nova PBOX150
Asynchronous / Synchronous

Nova PBOX150 Synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode.

1) Product Type: Dual-mode Multimedia Player

2) With synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode, PBOX 150 supports full zoom of video input in synchronous mode

3) PBOX 150 supports HDMI Loop

4) With standard configuration of Wi-Fi function, wireless communication can be realized.

5) Play as per time segment or according to date, week and time.

6) PBOX150 is able to connect multifunction card MFN300.

4) WiFi supports AP+Station and you can set up your own LAN while connecting public network; 
5) PBOX150 supports the load capability of 600,000 pixels. The maximum width supported is 2048 pixels and maximum height supported is 1024 pixels; 
6) PBOX150 supports redundancy backup of 1000M Ethernet port;
7) PBOX 150 supports stereo dual-channel audio output; 
8) PBOX150 supports playing program via local USB drive;
9) PBOX150 supports playing program imported via USB drive.
10) PBOX150 supports three ways of brightness adjustment: timing adjustment, automatic adjustment and manual adjustment;
11) PBOX150 supports screen lock and blackout;
12) PBOX150 supports screen on/off through power switch;

15) PBOX150 supports various media formats such as analog clock, animation, picture, text, scrolling text, digital clock, positive and negative timing, Chinese traditional calendar, etc.;

22) PBOX150 supports brightness and chroma calibration;



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